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How we help you sell faster

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Quick and easy ad set-up

Forget about manually uploading photos and videos or writing ad headlines for multiple products. sixads does all that for you. With the click of a button, approve personalized ad visuals, texts, and targeting. Then sit back and let advanced algorithms run high-converting ads for you!

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Drive profits with targeted ads

Watching hours of tutorials, draining your budget testing ads that won’t sell? Sales funnels are the secret to converting ad-spend into big profits. sixads advanced analytics tools will track your store visitors and their every move. Algorithms will target these audiences at the right time with a series of engaging ads, until they convert.

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Save time with an all-in-one ad manager

Say goodbye to the headache of managing separate ad accounts. In just a few clicks, connect your Facebook, Instagram and Google ads accounts to sixads and let the algorithms manage everything for you. Don’t have a Facebook or Google ads account? sixads sets them up for you in minutes! Don't have a Facebook pixel? We create one for you and connect it to your online store.

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Save money with automated ad management

When a product in your store sells out, sixads automatically stops corresponding ads. None of your budget is blown! If your product prices images, titles or descriptions change, your ads are instantly updated.

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Run paid ads like a pro!

Sixads analytics tool shows you which ads are selling better on Facebook, Instagram and Google. You can choose to scale your ads only on better performing platforms and limit or stop running ads on channels that are not performing well.

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Accelerate sales with no effort

Wasting time trying to figure out how to use Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads or find strategies to drive profits? In just 2 minutes, set up automated paid ads using sixads. With our winning strategies, your ads will target and retarget the right audiences at the right time, driving returning, paying customers to your store.

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Drive traffic to your online store for FREE

Join a community of shop owners who use sixads FREE traffic feature. Drive targeted shoppers to your store by displaying your products in other Shopify stores for free. In return, display products from other stores in yours.

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I’m new to Shopify. This app really helped ease my mind with being a start up & trying to figure out how to get my site in front of anyone other than me. Don't just take my word for it! Def worth downloading. Thanks sixads!

Sixads testimonials



I’ll be using this app on all of my stores and the stores I build for my students.Y’all are literally the best thing I have found for automating my sales.

Sixads testimonials



Works like a charm. I love the ease of the app and would highly recommend purchasing their monthly program to create a perfect selling opportunity for yourself.

Sixads testimonials



I didn't even know where to start as far as advertising goes or how to reach people. Sixads really made this part so easy and effective, thank you!

Sixads testimonials



The first sale I made in my store was thanks to this incredible application, thank you.