GET QUALITY TRAFFIC FROM PARTNER STORES allows you to easily exchange product ads with other webstores and attract more committed shoppers.

What is is an ad exchange for webstores. Businesses get traffic from other stores for displaying partner products in theirs. simulates shopping mall effects when multiple stores benefit from being close to each other and sharing same shoppers.

Why is better than other ad networks?

We bring you hot, not lukewarm shoppers. Shoppers who clicked your product ads were already considering to purchase something. They were neither scrolling Facebook nor reading a blog. Instead they had a serious intent to buy.  

We make it cost-effective Traffic from other ad networks is crazy expensive. Often too expensive for you to stay profitable. With us you get the traffic for free in exchange for displaying partner ads in your store. 

How it works?

1. Sign up to our service.  

2. Pick your products and specify in what stores you would like to advertise them.  

3. Choose where and what partner products you would like to display in your store.  

4. Hit 'START' and get advertised elsewhere in exchange for displaying ads in your store.  

5. Enjoy the results!


Category targeting  

Display your ads with products that fit your business strategy.

Performance analytics  

Monitor ad performance online to see your progress.

Adjustable look and feel  

Choose where to display partner products. Fine tune them to suit the style of your store.

Easy integration  

Simply install our app or script and get going right away. 

No commitments 

No credit card needed. No long term commitments. Use as you go as much as you need it.

Transparent and simple pricing 

It's free.

Display partner products in your store and get your products displayed in return at 10 to 8 exchange rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

More questions? Drop us a line on

1. How can I be sure that I will not lose my traffic? The goal of the product is to get you more traffic, not to steal it. Clicks made on partner products in your store convert to clicks you get in other stores. A win-win. Just don't forget to collect emails of new visitors using such tools as Omnisend.

2. What happens when a partner product is clicked in my store? Partner product opens in a new browser tab.