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Anchor Text is the clickable hyperlink (you can recognize it by it being of different color and underlined) that takes visitors to another location on the web or document. There are nine types:

  • Generic uses common phrases like “click here.”
  • Branded uses a brand name as text.
  • Naked uses a URL as text.
  • Exact Match uses the exact target keyword and has the most power to improve ranking.
  • Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) uses synonyms or variations of the keyword.
  • Long-tail contains longer variations of the keyword.
  • Partial Match/Phrase Match uses a partial match of the keyword.
  • Brand & Keyword contains a brand name and a keyword.
  • Images can also be used as Anchor Text.

Search engines use Anchor Text to help them determine the theme and keywords of a page. Therefore, relevancy is key.