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40 Best Black Friday Quotes to Win the Sales in 2022

By Kristina
16 Dec, 2021
7 min read

With Black Friday just around the corner, any small business owner will be starting to think about how they will capitalize on the shopping frenzy that grips the US and Western World at this time of year.

Whether you’re promoting your pre-Christmas sales and the start to the shopping season or just offering one-off Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals… There’s no denying that customers everywhere have come to expect brands to offer some sort of Black Friday benefit, and coming up short is only going to disappoint your market.

But irrespective of what sales, discounts, or promotions your business offers this Black Friday, you still need to find the perfect way to get your target audience excited about what’s to come. And what better way to build anticipation than with a perfectly timed Black Friday quote?

To help you ace your marketing this Black Friday holiday season, we’ve rounded up some of the all-time best shopping quotes to get people excited about the busiest shopping day of the year. 

From Oscar Wilde to Marilyn Monroe, and certainly not forgetting famous shopaholics such as Carrie Bradshaw and Sophie Kinsella, we’ve got the Black Friday shopping sayings and quotes you need to integrate into your Black Friday and Cyber Monday advertising.

When and what is Black Friday?

Before we bombard you with cute quotes about shopping, it’s worth defining what Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) actually is.

Black Friday is considered to be the first day of the holiday season and brings a change in shopping attitudes as people hit the stores ready for festive gift-giving in December. In the US, Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving and is always packed with festive shoppers and bargain hunters searching for the greatest deals.

In addition to being the welcome mat for the holiday shopping season, Black Friday has become known for fantastic deals. Shoppers and stores alike celebrate the holidays with some of the best discounts of the year, and many customers have detailed shopping strategies to help them make the most of heavily discounted items.

Since the rise of online shopping, customers have also benefited from virtual sales. While Black Friday is a more in-store event, Cyber Monday offers an extra shopping day with bonus online-only sales and deals that savvy shoppers can take advantage of.

Many stores will even run promotions throughout the entire weekend, providing plenty of opportunities for people to find the best deals.

E-stores are going to make the big bucks this year.

You can do it too.

You can do it too.

Show me how

40 best and most inspirational quotes about shopping and Black Friday

Whether you’re hunting for the perfect Black Friday shopping Instagram captions or a Black Friday Facebook status that will make customers stop in their tracks… These shopping quotes are sure to spice up any social media marketing strategy and make your customers excited for special deals they will love.

Shopping makes me happy quotes.

1.  “Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping” – Bo Derek.

2.  “Shopping is better than sex. At least if you’re not satisfied, you can exchange it for something you really like” – Unknown.

3.  “Happiness is not in money, but in shopping” – Marilyn Monroe.

4.  “I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist” – Tammy Faye Bakker.

5.  “If shopping doesn’t make you happy, you’re in the wrong shop” – Unknown.

6.  “Take all your problems and rip ‘em apart. Oh oh oh, carry them off in a shopping cart” – The White Stripes.

7.  “Meditation, yoga, working out, and eating well. That’s my wellness. And I think occasionally you have to treat yourself. So if you do need to take yourself shopping, go take yourself shopping” – Cynthia Erivo.

8.  “I love shopping. There is a little bit of magic found in buying something new. It is instant gratification. A quick fix” – Rebecca Bloom.

9.  “When women are depressed, they eat or go shopping. Men invade another country. It’s a whole different way of thinking” – Elayne Boosler.

10.   “Anyone can buy. It takes an artist to shop” – Jennifer Finney Boylan.

Online shopping quotes

online shopping

11.   “When you can’t touch the fabric or try on the outfit, the only emotion you experience is the excitement of the purchase and the thrill of beating everyone else to it” – Suzy Menkes.

12.   “The only consolation I had was buying things. If I bought some pretty thing it cheered me up for a while” – Iris Murdoch.

13.   “I don’t shop because I need something, I just shop for shipping’s sake” – Cat Deeley.

14.   “A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist” – Franklin Jones.

15.   “We usually save money to waste it” – Mokokoma Mokhonoana.

Clever Black Friday sayings

16.   “What do Black Friday shoppers and the Thanksgiving turkey have in common? They know what it’s like to be jammed into a small place and stuffed” – Humoropedia.

17.   “I approximated the Black Friday experience at home by hurling myself into a wall a number of times and then ordering online” – Kumail Nanjiani.

18.   “Don’t even front like you love your family, America, or God, if you don’t have a detailed and rehearsed Black Friday tactical shopping plan” – Rob Delaney.

19.   “Black Friday is not another bad hair day in Wall Street. It’s the term used by American retailers to describe the day after the Thanksgiving Holiday, seem as the semi-official start of the Christmas shopping season” – Evan Davis.

20.   “Everyone knows about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now help me spread the word about Giving Tuesday!” – Bill Gates.

21.   “Once again, we come to the Holiday Season. A deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice” – Dave Barry.

22.   “Black Friday: Because only in America do people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have” – Unknown.

Holiday shopping quotes

23.   “I really enjoy the shopping and going out and getting stuff for other people. I could really give a damn about getting gifts for myself, but I really enjoy giving gifts” – Luke Combs.

24.   “I have this system where if I buy three or four new things, I give away three or four things. Sometimes, it’s a very painful system, but shopping is even better when you know that someone else who needs it will be getting. Keep the clothing karma going, I say” – Sara Blakely.

25.   “For some, shopping is an art; for others, it’s a sport. It can be a vice and it can be a cause. Some love it. Some hate it. Rarely is someone indifferent” -Pamela Klaffke.

26.   “We were both very much the same. We were both very impulsive. We both loved shopping. We both had a love of clothes, obviously, because he was the designer that I kind of wore forever and ever” – Elton John.

27.   “Make money, go shopping! Take money money, go shopping! No matter what the weather, winter-spring or fall, we’ll be doin’ it, at the mall” – Gang Starr.

Inspirational quotes about shopping

28.   “The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out only with a loaf of bread are three billion to one” – Erma Bombeck.

29.   “Buy what you don’t have yet or what you really want, which can be mixed with what you already own. But only because something excites you, not just for the simple act of shopping” – Karl Lagerfeld.

30.   “Style Strategy is about shopping smart, staying chic, and making it all last. It’s about showing women how to shop for value without compromising style” – Nina Garcia.

31.   “Shopping is a woman thing. It’s a contact sport like football. Women enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds, the danger of being trampled to death, and the ecstasy of the purchase” – Erma Bombeck.

32.   “Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination” – Oscar Wilde.

33.   “It’s better to spend a lot on a getup you love than a fraction of that on something, or even five of those somethings, that you’ll never bother to take out of the shopping bag. By the way, this advice also applies to discount love interests. And half-price sushi” – Patricia Marx.

34.   “If you can’t stop thinking about it… Buy it!” – Unknown.

35.   “I could give up shopping, but I’m not a quitter” – Unknown.

Black Friday movie quotes

36.   “When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again” – Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic.

37.   “I like my money where I can see it… Hanging in my closet!” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City.

38.   “Honestly, shopping beats therapy any time. It costs the same and you get a dress out of it” – Sophie Kinsella.

39.   “Shopping is my cardio” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City.

40.   “I shop, therefore I am” – Heather Chandler, Heathers.

41.   “Treat yo’ self!” – Tom and Donna, Parks & Recreation.

Best Black Friday slogans

black Friday preview

Now you’ve checked out some of the best Black Friday quotes of all time, we thought it might also be helpful for you to check out some successful Black Friday slogans. If you’re looking for inspiration and some catchy phrases for Black Friday marketing, these should get you started:

  1. Searching for deals; Gotta catch ‘em all!
  2. Black Friday is my Superbowl
  3. You know, I like my Fridays Black
  4. It’s Black Friday! Don’t miss out!
  5. The countdown begins for Great Black Friday.
  6. Thank God It’s Black Friday (TGIBF)
  7. Black Friday… Still Friday, just better
  8. First, we turkey, then we Target
  9. I’m a morning person on Black Friday
  10. Black Friday game plan; Outshop, outwit, outlast.
  11. I don’t need stress; I need my shopping bag. It’s almost Black Friday.
  12. Welcome to Black Friday

How to figure out your Black Friday sale wording


No matter what your store offers for Black Friday, every business owner knows the key to success during the busiest shopping day of the year is all about marketing. Unless your customers know that a great deal is on its way, they may overlook your store for one they believe will provide better value.

It’s a good idea to create some catchy Black Friday taglines and slogans to help get your customers excited for any special deals. However, remember to keep things simple and not tell your audience exactly what to expect.

In addition to any special November catchphrases your store chooses to use, you should be sure to focus plenty of attention on your preferred marketing channels in the lead-up to Black Friday. 

Whether you’re helping people celebrate a particular holiday or just want to get in on all the potential sales, you could miss out without good marketing.

Facebook ads, Instagram, and email marketing should be your top priority as we draw closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And these Black Friday quotes are a great starting point for some innovative and memorable marketing that your customers will love.


How can I increase sales on Black Friday?

The average American adult plans to spend around $400# on Black Friday sales. This means you have a huge opportunity to make some impressive sales when the day finally comes. But to really maximize your returns, you’ll need a detailed marketing strategy. 

There are many ways to build anticipation for your Black Friday sales, but the most crucial aspect is to have great Black Friday sale wording that will make people want to check out your store on the shopping holiday.

How do you get the best deals on Black Friday?

Flicking from a business owner to a customer perspective, you might also have a desire to grab yourself a bargain or two this Black Friday. If you’ve got your eye on the prize, you’ll want to keep an eye on the marketing materials your favorite brands send out in October/November. The best deals will be worth waiting for, and you can almost always get a great deal.

Some of the best Black Friday deals are going to be found in the bigger stores. Places like Amazon have special offers (like Daily Deals) all year round and emphasize these for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend.

Best Buy, Home Depot, and Target are also great places to make significant savings on the things you want… And they may also give you some decent inspiration for your own holiday marketing campaigns.

How do you wish someone a happy Black Friday?

Although Black Friday is very much a shopping sensation in the lead-up to the holiday season, in many ways, it has become almost like a holiday in itself… Where people celebrate special offers and great discounts in almost every store.

Wishing your friends or family shopping success is always a fun and cute way to share the love. And if you know a business owner (or store employee), you can bet your bottom dollar any support you can share will be greatly appreciated!

Are Black Friday sales really sales?

Skeptics sometimes question whether Black Friday is really the best day to shop for deals or whether it’s all just hype? The answer to that really depends on the store, but as a general rule, items are usually heavily discounted on this day, and you can absolutely find some fantastic bargains!

That said, whether you’re a customer or business owner, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on all November promotions you spot, as many stores will offer benefits throughout the month as shopping attitudes increase.

In fact, if you’re running a business and looking for some inspiration on how to make the most out of the Black Friday noise, offering discounts throughout the month instead of just one day can be an excellent way to build customer appreciation. And, as we all know, happy shoppers keep coming back!


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