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30+ Facebook Ad Examples to Get Inspired

By Kristina
16 Oct, 2021
21 min read

“Look at my amazing new invention - the wheel!” said no successful entrepreneur ever. That’s because you don’t build a successful business empire creating things that already exist. 

Blog Wheels Social Slide
Image source: IBM

The same goes for your Facebook Ads. 

Coming up with Facebook ad ideas that engage your audience and drive traffic and sales is not about reinventing the wheel. It’s about focusing your creativity into formats that are proven to work. It’s about learning from your competitors and from the brands that inspire you. It’s about finding great ad examples, and creating your own unique version of them. 

And we’re here to help, with 30 Facebook ad examples that will get you inspired and focus your creativity. These great Facebook ads come from companies big and small, and will help you to understand what makes a good ad and how to make a convincing advertisement yourself. 

We’ll briefly look at why it’s still worth running Facebook ads in 2022, which kinds of ads work best, and how to find ad examples yourself, before we dive into 30 ad examples that will get your creative juices flowing. We’ve even added in some dedicated tips just for dropshippers - these will highlight some tactics and styles that are particularly suitable for dropshippers.

Are Facebook ads worth it in 2022?

To put it simply, running ads on Facebook in 2022 is still a smart idea for your Shopify store. Just look at these stats.

In other words, whatever your target audience is, there’s a good chance many of your potential customers are spending a significant chunk of their day on Facebook.

Speaking of target audiences, Facebook gives you unprecedented, layered targeting capabilities. This means you can precisely target your ads, improving their hit rate and boosting your return on investment.  

Of course, you should be looking at a range of channels for your ads, including Google and Instagram for sure. But running great Facebook ads is still a cost-effective and powerful way to get your products in front of shoppers who are genuinely interested.

How to make a convincing advertisement?

There is no single formula to creating a great Facebook ad. What works for one store may not work for another because of differences in the brand, audience, or product type.

Nevertheless, the best Facebook ads do have some things in common:

  • Eye-catching visuals that will help your ad stand out in Facebook’s feed.
  • Well-written copy that grabs attention, presents a user benefit, and then gives a clear call to action.
  • A link taking the user to a relevant place that clearly relates to the content of the ad.

So before we jump into some real Facebook ad examples, let’s quickly consider these important elements of your ad.

What type of visual is best for your Facebook ad? 

Here are 4 golden rules:

  1. Images and videos should be high quality. Users simply won’t trust the ad otherwise. 
  2. To catch attention, keep things simple. In general, clean, uncluttered images that use distinctive contrasts will make users pause when they see your ad. 
  3. Add use video ads if you can. With videos you can convey a lot more information and they also tend to be more engaging.
  4. Keep text in your visuals to a minimum. 

Regarding golden rule number 4, things can get a little bit complicated. 

The standard wisdom among advertisers is that including some text in your visuals (but not too much) is a good idea. The logic is that the image will grab attention, then the text on the image will give more detail or share a call to action. However, some research shows ad visuals can perform better with no text on them, as they look less like ads.

The key point to remember when creating your ads is to make sure text does not take up more than 20% of your visual. Why? Well, the boffins at Facebook constantly monitor what users like. And according to them. too much text turns people off. So, Facebook has a rule that will punish ads with too much text in the visual by limiting its reach. This detailed article on Facebook’s 20% rule explains everything. 

The good news is, you can check beforehand if your ad images will be limited by Facebook or not. Facebook’s image text checker will rank your image (OK, Low, Medium, High) and tell you how this will impact its reach.

Facebook 20 rule text overlay example image
The Image Text Check function enables you to check beforehand if there is too much text on your ad image. Image source: Instapage.

What do you write in a Facebook ad?

Now for the ad copy. The text of your ad can be divided into three parts:

  • An attention grabber
  • A value proposition
  • A call to action

The first element is meant to grab the user’s attention and keep them reading. You can do this using: 

  • An interesting question, 
  • A surprising statistic, 
  • An inspiring quote,
  • A challenge, 
  • A puzzle.

anything that gets your audience thinking.

Then your value proposition needs to be self-explanatory and crystal clear. Tell the user why they should choose you. Will they feel happier, look younger, or concentrate better? Will your product help them to save time, make money, attract a partner, or impress a friend? Once you understand the value the user will get, explain it as simply as possible. This way, you’ll persuade them to find out more. Which brings us to …

… your call to action. This is a piece of text (it can be a sentence, or 2 or 3 words on a button) urging the user to take the next step. This might be signing up for your newsletter, viewing a product collection, or even making a purchase. If you want to make your call to actions convincing and effective, check out this guide to writing a powerful call to action phrase.

E-stores are going to make the big bucks this year.

You can do it too.

You can do it too.

Show me how

How to find Facebook ad examples

Now you know what a good Facebook ad should include, it’s time to find some inspiring Facebook ad examples. And the good news is, doing this yourself is super easy. All you need is the Facebook Ad Library.

This is a searchable database of all the ads that are run on Facebook. There are a couple of approaches you can take when using the resource:

  1. Look for brands you love. What did we say about not reinventing the wheel? If there’s a brand you love and is close to your own brands positioning, why not take inspiration from their Facebook ads? You can pick up great brand advertising ideas and get the encouragement you need to try something adventurous with your ads.
  2. Check out your competitors. You should have a good idea of who your competitors are - knowing this really helps with pricing and messaging. So you can also check out what Facebook ads your competitors are running. You might then choose to do something similar (perhaps this is what users respond to), or try to set yourself apart. For the latter, think about your value proposition. What can you give to customers that others can’t.
Facebook ad library search example image
You use the Facebook Ad Library to look up brands you love, or check out what your competitors are up to

If you want to learn more, check out this comprehensive guide to using the Facebook Ad Library for researching great Facebook ad examples.

30 examples of great Facebook Ads

OK, that’s the intros over. Let’s dive into some great examples of Facebook ads (plus tips for dropshippers on the best ads to run for your dropshipping business).

Tipi Tent

This beautifully designed ad by Spanish clothing brand Tipi Tent really hits the mark when it comes to visuals. The overlapping pictures are distinctive, and they create a relaxed and positive impression - it screams adventure, friendship, and good times. While there is a lot going on, the consistent color and style in all the images makes for an eye-catching ad.

Dropshippers tip: A collage visual like the one used in Tipi Tent’s ad is a great idea for dropshippers. Even if your design skills are limited, this is simple enough to put together. It creates a casual, fun feel to the brand. And best of all, you get to showcase lots of your products in one visual. In Tipi Tent’s ad, they feature 17 product pictures - that’s 17 great reasons to click.

Dollar Shave Club

dropshippers tip  dollar shave club

Dollar Shave Club is known for its creative, comedic branding. This video ad, however, is more to the point. It presents the user values of the product in a direct, neutral tone. The still image that you see before clicking the play button shows a box with a razor and some shaving products, with the simple text “I got all this for just $5”. 

The message is simple - value for money. And that’s what makes this ad effective. 

The video itself is also excellent. It’s pretty short (people generally don’t like watching long ads), and the presenter comes across as an everyday person. This makes it easier for customers to relate to this Facebook ad.

Small Woods 

small woods

This example goes to show that Facebook ads don’t always have to be complex to be effective. The natural pastel colors are easy on the eyes (and fit well with the brand). The ad copy, neatly positioned in the bottom third of the image, says all that needs to be said in just a few words. No excessive bragging, just a direct message and a discount code that you can use immediately afterwards.

And best of all, it communicates a user benefit that tugs on the heart strings - “complete your space.” 

Dropshippers tip: Slogans aren’t only for the Nikes of this world. Even if you’re a small brand just getting started, try to come up with a short value proposition like “Complete your space” that tells users how they’ll feel after buying your products. And what’s nice about slogs is once you have them, you can use them over and over.



This simple ad is deceptively engaging. There’s the question. There’s shocking pink. There are the dynamic diagonal design elements. And there are product pics that address the initial question. 

This Facebook ad also generates interest by not saying too much about the brand itself Is this a clothing brand? A workout equipment store? As long as you give a nudge in the right direction, not saying too much can really work. 

Penny Skateboards

penny skateboard

If you don’t know much about color theory, or struggle when it comes time to picking out a color scheme, just go black & white! A classic, high-contrast look will never go out of style.

What makes this ad great, beyond the choice of color, is its minimalist design. Both the picture and the text are pushed towards the center, which gives the image plenty of “breathing room” and great overall balance.

In addition, ad copy – “Style in Simplicity” – is not just an empty statement. It’s an accurate reflection of the product and the ad itself. And a statement like this is going to connect with people who share these values or aspire to this lifestyle.


koko the shop spray

Speaking of lifestyle, how about this great Facebook ad example from Koko? Not only does this ad look gorgeous, its visual style communicates a lot about the product and brand. Minimalis visuals have become associated with natural beauty products, sustainable lifestyles, organic foods, and other products aimed at environmentally minded consumers. 

This ad by Koko is a perfect example of the minimalist aesthetic. The items are well-balanced against the light background; the mission statement at the top clearly identifies the target audience; and the description of the actual product is given under the image to maintain a pristine look. These three elements provide all the necessary information without any visual clutter. If you’re targeting consumers interested in sustainability and low-carbon living, this type of look is a great choice. 

Hello Fresh

hello fresh

This ad gets an A+ for its color scheme and economy of words. It pops out of the screen, then the ad copy delivers plenty of value. There’s a big overall benefit (“Lose the pounds”) and plenty of additional perks (“Free meals,” “weekly recipes,” “fresh, quality ingredients”).

And one additional element is the sense of community and encouragement. The “Repeat after us …” phrase recreates the feeling of other weight loss schemes and emphasises that the customer will be supported in their journey. 

Dropshippers tip: Great customer support is one of the big values you can offer as a dropshipper. So look for ways to refer to this in your Facebook ads, even subtly. Hello Fresh’s “Repeat after us …” tells the customer that this is a brand who cares.

Kate Farms

kate farms

Images containing handwritten text are naturally attractive and compelling. Handwriting feels more intimate and personal than printed letters. 

And this friendly font is put to good use. Kate Farms present a range of important product benefits that matter to their target audience. 

The copy in this Facebook ad is also used to convince sceptical shoppers: “clinically proven,” “pediatric formulas”. 

And the call to action is really smart. Kate Farms understands that parents do plenty of research before making a purchase. So they invite users to “Explore our formulas today.” It’s encouraging rather than pushy. 

Dropshippers tip: Kate Farms predict and answer a ton of user questions in this ad. What’s the product made of? What different ways are there to use it? Who is it suitable for? What quality level does it meet? If you’re operating on a low budget, similar ads can work well for you. Instead of investing lots of time and resources into the creative for 5 different ads, create one great ad that covers a lot of bases.



OK, this isn’t an e-commerce example. But we liked it so much we had to include (plus we do ads, so it’s kind of our thing!)

So what’s great about this ad? First, there’s the excellent color scheme. The green is vivid and engaging, and there’s an eye-catching contrast with the mainly grey visual above it.

Second, we love the fact there are 2 calls to action, one at the bottom and one at the top of the image. The latter is presented from a personal point of view, simulating the user’s own experience, complete with a little finger hovering over the sign-up button! Subtle clues like that can still be a powerful nudge to motivate potential customers.



Okay, this one’s a favorite. Not all ads have to adhere to a set of strict rules to be effective. Some quirky humor can go a long way to making people warm up to your brand.

In this ad by Dropps, instead of the professional-looking, minimalist aesthetic so popular with many advertisers these days, we get a middle-aged guy in a bathtub telling you about the benefits of his laundry detergent. 

Going for humor is a high risk approach. But Dropps has clearly thought this one through as it is consistent with the brand. Notice their slogan (We do things a little differently) or the logo with the letters P and S bumped down. It all creates a brand that is quirky and unusual, an identity this ad fits with perfectly.

Dropshippers tip: As a dropshipper, your brand is everything. It is the reason people trust you, and the element that will keep shoppers coming back. So think carefully about how to develop a distinctive brand identity that will help you stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t have to be humor - though if you can get humor right it’s a powerful tool. The main thing is to have a clear identity, then develop ads that fit with this identity.



This ad by Headspace is a perfect example of how to do an “attention grabber” really well. First, we get a description of a breathing exercise – “box breathing.” This includes a short introduction to how it works on a physiological level (people often find this type of information fascinating) and a list of benefits.

And then we get to watch a very simple, yet beautifully rendered video illustrating the exercise and providing specific instructions on how to do the breathing exercise we’ve just learned about. 

This way of introducing your products is fantastic because potential customers get something of value even before purchase. It shows goodwill on your part, while whetting the appetite for more.

Magic Spoon Cereal

magic spoon cerial

First things first – the colors in this one are absolutely amazing! They’re bright and sweet (which is perfect for a cereal ad). But they’re not too vibrant, as this might convey too much sweetness. After all, this is a “ZERO sugar” cereal.

What makes this ad really effective is the fact that it knows its target audience - low-carb dieters cursed with a sweet tooth. It keeps focused on them and their needs, and doesn’t waste time on anything else.

The testimonial at the top ties in perfectly with the nutritional breakdown that follows, making for economical, straight-to-the-point messaging.

Dropshippers tip: Use real user reviews in your ads just like Magic Spoon Cereal does. It is a low cost way to create social proof for your brand and product. And sometimes your customers will express the value of your product even better than you could.

Beyond Yoga

Beyond yoga

Shooting and editing video footage can be quite expensive. But if you can afford it, video is a fantastic way to showcase your products and demonstrate their benefits in detail. Plus, there are many audience demographics that prefer video to text or image.

This ad works because the video shows something very important - how the clothing will feel. Seeing a product being used by real people brings a sense of reality to the ad, and answers practical questions about style, cut and comfort. All of this can motivate users to make a purchase.

And this ad also features a short testimonial, perfect for indicating social proof that your products are popular and appreciated by real people.

West Elm

west elm

This ad by West Elm combines a video and a carousel all in one. 

In most cases, having one or the other is enough. But here we get both – a set of beautiful pictures showcasing the company’s range of products and an expertly edited video that smoothly transitions between different types of furniture. What this ad shows users is the various combinations that can be achieved with West Elm’s products.

Not all e-commerce stores will have the marketing budget to incorporate both, but if you can combine a video with a carousel it sure packs a punch!

Dropshippers tip: Carousels in ads are a really smart idea for dropshippers. Because you are not an established brand (yet), you want to give shoppers an idea of the range of products you offer and which niches you cover. And carousels are perfect for this.



Everyone likes good, clean design. And Sonos brings it in spades with this attractive ad. While not obviously symmetrical, the right side of the picture is darker than the left. Plus the oval lines under the product harmonize quite nicely with the basketball.

It may not look like much, but small details like that, barely perceptible to the conscious mind, still register at a deeper level. They provide aesthetic enjoyment, and will make your ads stand out.

Meanwhile, the ad copy is clear and user-oriented. The ad even rounds off with two valuable perks that nudge the user to click - free shipping is always a big plus, and easy returns only make the deal even more alluring.

Stitch Fix

stitch fix

A simple explanation of what you can do for your customer can be just as effective as listing all the benefits of your products. Direct communication is easy to understand, and also makes your brand look down-to-earth.

This ad by Stitch Fix is particularly impressive because it is part of a really smart advertising strategy. Anytime a user browses some of the closet options on their site, a retargeting campaign is automatically launched, showing the user Facebook ads based on their clothing preferences.

This kind of advertising can be a bit pricey, but it’s also very effective.

Dropshippers tip: There’s a stage in the development of your dropshipping store when growth becomes difficult. After you’ve run ads and got steady traffic coming in, it can be hard to keep your store growing. Retargeting in the form Stitch Fix uses can be a powerful tool here. Investing into getting more from the traffic you already have is an effective way to kick start your sales growth.

Warby Parker

warby parker

Quizzes are an effective way of encouraging users to engage with your business. Warby Parker’s quiz consists of 8 questions relating to facial structure, frame style, color, preferred materials, and so on. Once the quiz is complete, the user is asked to enter his/her email address to see the results. There’s also a checkbox in case the user is interested in a free newsletter, which serves to build additional engagement.

Quizzes also help you create ads that stand out. Instead of listing benefits and telling users to “buy now,” you can invite them into a dialogue. This may be more appealing to certain audiences.

Imperfect Food

 imperfect foods

Today’s consumers are often well-educated on a variety of issues plaguing our society and share a genuine desire to help. In this ad, Imperfect Foods is conveying a message that anyone can join the fight against climate change, and bringing attention to the environmental devastation brought about by food waste.

By swiping up, the user is redirected to the company blog which contains lots of detailed information related to the global food system and sustainability. Sometimes audiences are looking to be educated. Using your ads and content marketing to do is a great way to build brand awareness.

Crazy Horse Craft

crazy horse craft

This is another great example of the benefits of showcasing your products in a video. Using beautiful stop-motion animation, Crazy Horse Craft shows exactly how their wallet functions, step by step. It shows that in the able hands of craftsmen, even a small strip of leather can become a multifunctional tool suited for everyday use.

In the video, the rustic table matches the sturdy, yet elegant make of the wallet. The call to action at the bottom offers a discount code, which motivates users to further explore what the company has to offer.

Drizzle Honey

drizzle honey

We picked this ad mainly to talk a little bit about emojis, although it certainly hits the mark in terms of visuals and messaging as well. 

Believe it or not, using emojis in ads is kind of a big deal – entire articles have been written about the best ways of making them a part of an advertising campaign!

Here are some of the benefits of emojis:

  • Great for scaling past language barriers.
  • Improve the rate of engagement.
  • Easily processed by the human brain, as compared to text.
  • Encourage creativity and innovation.

Just remember these golden rules when using emojis:

1. Don’t go too crazy. A few will suffice, otherwise your copy might turn into an overcrowded mush. Keep it simple and pick something that matches the ad (say, a party emoticon to celebrate a special offer).

2. Mind your brand. Emojis aren’t always a good idea. If your brand is in the luxury segment, or is aiming for a professional vibe, emojis might do more harm than good. 

This ad works because Drizzle Honey doesn’t overuse emojis. Plus, their simplicity and cuteness fits with the rustic charm of Drizzle Honey’s aesthetic.



Ads that give a sneak peek into the production process can be fascinating for customers. Since most of our lives are now quite removed from workshops and production facilities, seeing how everyday products are made can be fascinating, especially when it’s done by hand.

Giving customers a look under the hood of your business can also make it easier for people to connect with your brand. It’s a great way to build trust and interest. So, if you’ve got a production process you’re proud of, show it off in your ads. 



OK, another ad that’s not for e-commerce here, but it showcases a really great technique to incorporate into your ads. 

What this ad does really well is address both the logical and emotional side of a potential customer. Emotions have a lot to do with purchase decisions, but so does the intellect. Appealing to them both can increase your chances of landing a sale.

This ad masterfully balances the logical display of tangible benefits (shown on the right) with the users’ emotions when improving their job performance. You could adapt this format for your e-commerce store. For example, if you’re selling vitamins or supplements, present the technical information on the right (eg. 100% of your daily Vitamin C) and show the emotion and feeling of the customer on the left



This is another great Facebook ad example. It leverages a number of different elements  to encourage Facebook users to check out the product. Let’s see what we’ve got:

1. There’s the list awards and accolades with a selection of appropriate emojis thrown in to give the copy some color (if you don’t have awards, use customer testimonials or product features instead).

2.  Then there’s a simple but enticing video listing 6 signs that the user might be in need of a meditative practice. Each sign is accompanied by social proof, i.e., a testimonial, which is always a good idea to include if you care about fostering trust in your audience.

3. Finally, there’s a bold and confident claim (“the most relaxing app in the world”) followed by a direct call to action, which in this case is an “Install Now” button.

The more disparate elements you can pack into a single ad without making it look too chaotic and spammy, the greater the chances that at least one of them will be convincing enough for any particular user.

Ben & Jerry’s

ben and jerry's

Ben & Jerry’s pull no punches when it comes to taking sides on major social and political issues, which is not easy to do for any company. It’s a bit of tightrope act to pull off, but if you do it right and speak from your heart, you might just build a committed audience.

Another thing of note here is the fantastic cartoon (if you can ignore the somewhat morbid subject matter). Cartoon drawings are visually engaging, and can be a wonderful tool if you don’t have too much money to spare on advertising. Shooting a good looking video will cost a lot - yet you can draw absolutely anything you like, or hire a competent designer, for a fraction of the cost!



Regardless of your business area or brand, you always want your ads to mirror it as closely as possible. Not sure how that looks? This Facebook ad example illustrates it perfectly.

Uskees is a clothing brand that makes and promotes sustainable, long-lasting apparel.

The mission statement is immediately apparent from the still image shown in the ad. It is further developed by the short video shot in slow motion to emphasize a deliberate choice to “set your own pace”, which is also the brand’s slogan.

Under the video you are simply encouraged to “Learn More”. The tagline “We are Uskees” communicates the brand’s libertine spirit and makes the ad look and feel more like a manifesto than anything else.

People like to feel like they’re a part of something that extends beyond themselves. So keep that in mind when designing your next ad and build an ad based around your values and principles.



This ad by Unbounce is a neat little mix of time-tested advertising techniques. Let’s break it down.

The tagline at the top succinctly introduces the advantages of the product. It generates excitement (“5x growth”), but doesn’t oversell. 

Next up is a picture of a man who seems more than eager to tell you his story about delivering more conversions with fewer resources. This phrase is memorable and engaging because it uses repetition (“more / fewer”) and is bolded for added effect.

Finally, we have a clear value proposition and a “Learn More” button which takes you to the landing page.

Pura Vida

pura vida

Never miss an opportunity to deploy the power of “free”! Showing a bit of generosity will make your brand look friendlier. And, of course, it gives you a great opportunity to create ads that stand out in the Facebook news feed. 

This ad by Pura Vida Bracelets creates interest, positivity and urgency. The offer of a free bracelet is clearly presented, while the playful tone of the copy and the soft pastel color scheme give the ad a friendly, relaxed vibe. 

Nevertheless, there’s urgency here too. The ad makes it clear stocks are limited, creating FOMO that will likely convert a certain proportion of would-be buyers that are still on the fence.

Dropshippers tip: Don’t be afraid to go offer free gifts to gain a following. Your long-term success as a dropshipper will come down to creating a base of loyal return customers. Your gift will serve as a physical reminder of your store and brand. So, even if offering free gifts means a short term cost you’ll reap the rewards further down the line. 



We know what you’re thinking. How am I going to create ads similar to a mega brand’s like Playstation? But the point of including this ad is to show that even companies renowned for their creative, high-budget ads also use very simple tactics. And if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you.

This brutally simple approach - simple visual elements and direct copy - is not recommended for those just getting into e-commerce. But if your brand already has a following, a Facebook ad like this could be all you need.

Discounts and sales are intrinsically appealing. So use your ads to let your audience know when to return and get the most bang for their buck. Simple.

Design Pickle

design pickle

Design Pickle is a subscription-based graphic design service. This ad is interesting because instead of including a customer testimonial rendered as text, one of the employees – dressed as a pickle, mind you! – simply reads it out loud.

People like to see other people’s faces, and we’re much more likely to engage with ads that have a human element. Plus this unusual twist on a common ad element creates a curiosity that will help it stand out.

Dropshippers tip: This is a tactic dropshippers can definitely use. It’s low budget yet engaging, and you don’t need to be a creative genius to pull it off. Why not pick testimonials that focus on the excellent customer support you offer?

Ivory Ella

ivory ella

This ad by Ivory Ella works because it captures an emotion, and connects with a social mission too. 

The visual is pretty simple, but evocative. As a brand that focuses on teens and young adults, Ivory Ella have clearly thought carefully about what experiences and feelings matter to their audience. Connecting with friends, fitting in, feeling uninhibited - they all come across nicely in this image.

Then there’s the added punch of the social message. The “love for animals” its customers feel turns into a concrete commitment to give 10% of profits to an animal welfare charity. It’s a feel good message that gives an added reason to buy.

How to ensure your Facebook ads run successfully?

We’ve taken a look at some inspiring Facebook ad examples. Hopefully you’ve already got some great new concepts for your own ads. But before you jump into your next campaign, here are a couple of handy tips to help you ensure your ads are as effective as possible.

Landing pages

You’ve created a brilliant ad with a compelling call to action, so the customer clicks (of course). Where does that click take them?

This is a really important question. You can create the best ad in the world, but if it leads the user somewhere they don’t want to go, then it’s all been a waste. So, make sure you fulfill the promise of the ad. If you’re promising a discount, land the user on a page dedicated to that special offer. If you’ve invited them to learn more, take them to a how it works page.

Once you have thought through where your click will lead, this guide to creating great landing pages by Unbounce will tell you everything you need to know about actually creating a landing page.

Tracking pixels

You should also consider installing a tracking pixel to keep tabs on the number of engagements with your website and Facebook ads. Luckily, this is very easy to do and requires no prior knowledge of coding. Install a tracking pixel by following these steps:

  1. Click on the “hamburger” icon in the “Ads Manager” tab and choose “Pixels” from the drop-down list.
  2. Click the green button titled “Create a Pixel”.
  3. Enter a name of your choice and click “Next” to indicate your agreement with the Facebook pixel terms.
  4. Copy and paste it into the header of the page you want to track. If you don’t feel comfortable with this particular step – enlist a nerdy friend! After the first time, you’ll be able to easily do it yourself next time.



I'm a content manager at sixads. I'm fiery about marketing, writing and traveling, so you can often find me scribbling away in some unknown corner of the world. If you want to know more ways to increase traffic and attract buyers to your online store get in touch with sixads on one of the channels bellow.