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A Domain Name is the “web address” that visitors type into a browser’s address bar to go to a website. Bought from a domain registrar, it shows the name of the business ( A Subdomain is a subset usually created by the domain’s owner ( 

The term Top-Level Domain (TLD) refers to the last part of the domain name, the suffix; there is a limited list of predefined suffixes (.com, .gov). 

TLDs are divided into Generic Top-level Domains (gTLDs), which identify the domain class (.org, .edu), and Country-Code Top-Level Domains (ccTLDs), which are two-letter domain extensions assigned to a country or location (.uk, .fr). 

New Top-Level Domains (nTLDs) are geared towards brands, organizations, and services because they are more customized, flexible, and relevant (.voyage, .app).

Domain Names are registered through a service like for a fee for a specific period. If the registration is not renewed, the name is made available to others. A good name is easy to pronounce and remember. It can be turned into a brand.