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Fulfillment is the series of steps taken from the moment a merchant receives a purchase order until the customer takes delivery of the item. These are:

  1. Order received.
  2. Order registered in the inventory system.
  3. Order confirmation sent to the customer.
  4. Order request sent to the warehouse.
  5. Item located and prepared for shipping.
  6. Item shipped.
  7. The customer notified of the shipment.
  8. Order delivered. If the item is returned, a refund is granted, and the inventory is updated.

The main eCommerce fulfillment models are:

  1. “Dropshipping,” where the seller sends the order to the supplier, who then ships the item to the customer.
  2. “In-house fulfillment,” where the seller receives the order and ships it to the client.
  3. “Third-party fulfillment,” where the process is outsourced to another company.