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 Merchandise is any product that can be bought or sold. There are four different types:

  1.  “Convenience merchandise” is anything that people cannot live without (e.g., food, hygiene products).
  2. “Impulse merchandise” are non-essential products (e.g., magazines that customers may buy at a supermarket).
  3. “Household and electronic merchandise” are high-price items that customers research before purchasing (e.g., furniture, smartphones, electrical equipment).
  4. “Specialized merchandise” are expensive products that people buy less often (e.g., holidays, rare cars).

“Merchandise inventory” is the list of all the goods that a company has in stock at any given moment. “Wholesale merchandise” refers to products sold to businesses (e.g., retailers) so they can be resold to consumers. “Branded merchandise” refers to products that bear logos and brand identifiers.