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Unsubscribe means removing one’s email address from a mailing list so as not to receive further communications. Every email campaign must include an “unsubscribe” link, which automatically changes the subscriber’s status from “active” to “unsubscribed” in the sender’s system.

The “unsubscribe rate” is the percentage of people who opt out. It is calculated with the following formula:

Number of unsubscribed / Delivered emails x 100 = Unsubscribed rate %.

The average unsubscribe rate varies by niche, but less than 1% is considered reasonable. A fluctuating or steadily-increasing unsubscribe rate is a red flag. Unsubscribe rates can be reduced by:

  • updating mailing lists to communicate only with people who agreed to receive emails;
  • A/B testing email frequency, time, and style;
  • creating value with good offers and content;
  • optimizing for mobile;
  • making the unsubscribe link visible to avoid spam complaints.