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Valid only for users who don’t have a subscription and for the first charge only.

The more times your code is used, the more impressions you get, so don’t be shy when spreading the message.

Why share?

  • $10 gives both you and your friend 2000 EXTRA impressions on Sixads network for FREE. This gives you better chances to make more sales.
  • The more stores join Sixads, the more traffic you can expect on your own store.

How does it work?

  1. You share your unique code (Get it here!).
  2. Your friend applies the code to subscribe to any of the paid plans here.
  3. You both get $10 worth of impressions.

Who can I share my code with?

  • Anyone who runs a shop on Shopify.
  • Any Shopify related groups on Facebook.
  • Any online discussions about Shopify happening on Quora, Reddit or any other platform you use.
  • If you write a blog, run a Youtube channel, have an Instagram account, you can share your code there too.

When someone uses my code where will I see my rewards?

Your stats and history regarding your rewards can be viewed on your Sixads App Analytics Page at any time. You’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see that info. Your account will be credited automatically.

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