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Shopify Dropshipping Success. How to Reach $10k in Just 2 Months With sixads!

By Kristina
27 Mar, 2020
5 min read

Story by Iason Penas, our loyal sixads customer.

I used to burn thousands of dollars on underperforming Facebook ads. I failed with lots of different Shopify stores and products. But I tried to stay positive. I looked at it as “investment” in my learning. And my hustle paid off - after I discovered Shopify traffic apps, I made my first $10,000 in sales!

This is how I did it.


I was testing lots of different products on my different stores using Facebook ads. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me that well. I ended up burning $3,000 of my marketing budget. However, Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend was a gold mine for me. With a newly-discovered Shopify traffic app sixads, I finally hit my $10,000 in sales with a 35% profit margin! This app let me test 10 different products with the same budget I would spend on Facebook to test only 1 product! I was in heaven.

1. Using Facebook ads to get sales for my Shopify store

My previous stores were total failures. I was losing more and more money on advertising while getting only a few sales in return. I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong.

I was doing the same thing as other successful stores: testing all my products with Facebook ads.

  • I used 10 ad sets with different interest targeting for each product.
  • I evaluated the results (engagement, click-through-rate, and conversions)
  • I shaped my store’s branding according to the results (I improved product messaging, used consistent visuals). 

It looked like a solid marketing strategy – I was testing things and making changes accordingly!

At that time, I was running a couple of dropshipping stores for a predominantly male audience interested in fishing and outdoor activities. I was testing all sorts of fishing supplies: fishing rods, different types of reels, lures, bait, you name it.

Fishing gear results in Facebook ads manager

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. I ended up burning $3,000 of my marketing budget on Facebook Ads.

However, even though I lost a massive sum of money, I tried to be positive and look at it as “investment” in my learning.

I decided to keep hustling with my business until it worked out. I thought if I’ve survived my soul-crushing  9-5 job so far, I can do this, too. And here we are – 2 months later, I finally hit my $10,000 in sales!

Here’s how I finally made my first $10,000!

2. Testing my products with a Shopify traffic app

Every year Q4 is extremely expensive for advertisers because everyone is trying to get sales during Black Friday and Christmas. I knew that relying only on Facebook Ads would be a terrible idea, so I started looking for other options.

I spent the whole day researching for cheaper advertising alternatives, and that’s how I found Shopify traffic apps. At first, I was quite skeptical about them as I didn’t understand how their traffic would be different from the traffic I was driving with Facebook ads. Those apps looked too good to be true, a bit fishy, one may say. Thank god I tried them though!

I tested lots of apps, but sixads Traffic App seemed to be working best for me. Since then, instead of Facebook ads, I’ve been using sixads boosted ads feature to test my products.

To put it short, sixads is an ad exchange for e-commerce websites. Your dropshipping store gets traffic from other stores that display your products and vice versa.

My Shopify traffic app strategy I used for my dropshipping store

My strategy with sixads was to find products that attract people’s attention, so I looked at how people are clicking on them. I waited till my products got 1,000-1,500 impressions and then turned off the ones that didn’t have at least 1.5% Click-Through-Rate (CTR). My logic was “How are people supposed to buy this if it isn’t even attracting their attention?”. And the ones that got around 3-5% CTR or more turned out to be my best selling products!

Main takeaways:

  • Compared with Facebook ads, sixads is much cheaper and more reliable. This app drives you shoppers who were already considering making a purchase and were not just randomly scrolling their Facebook feeds.
  • With this app, I test 10 different products with the same budget I would spend on Facebook to test only 1 product!

3. Scaling my Shopify products that attract shoppers’ attention

When I already found some products that were attracting people’s attention, I decided to scale them with Facebook Ads. As you probably know, scaling products with cold audiences as I did before (with multiple ad sets and different interests) is extremely expensive.

I needed access to audiences that had users already interested in the items I was selling and retargeting wasn’t enough for me. If you’re not familiar with what retargeting is, it’s a form of advertising when you try to bring your store’s visitors back to your website by showing them customized ads on Facebook. 

It sounds good on paper, but sadly it didn’t work for me! I simply didn’t have enough people in my audience to bring back to my store… And I had to create so many retargeting ads for my different products…I needed another way to use Facebook ads.

A quote of Sixads user Iason Pennas

I started creating Facebook ads through sixads with a $100 budget, and it was effortless. Effortless! For real, it only took me 2 minutes total. I only needed to select the products – visuals and ad text creation was done for me. That’s it!

If you’ve ever tried setting up ads via the Facebook manager, just like I did at first with retargeting, you’d know that it usually takes a lot longer. If you’re quick about it, you can probably have your ads running in half an hour (well, let’s be honest here, it’s more like an hour). But if you’re just starting, you might lose your will to live before you have your first ad in front of potential customers. My Facebook ads via sixads were created painlessly.

I got 4 sales from my first autopilot ad! It was a huge step up for me as it cost me $25 per sale instead of 40-50$ per sale when I was creating Facebook Ads myself.

Considering my profit margins, $25 per sale sounded great for me. And I was also counting on those users buying from me again (some of which did!). So, I was putting a lot of effort into increasing their satisfaction. I was also trying to engage with them via emails and SMS messages (using Omnisend) with special offers.

Now, my goal is to decrease the cost per sale even lower, so I’m working on improving my store to convert more traffic into buyers. But let’s get back to the story.

Quote of a successfull Sixads user Iason Pennas

Since it was a couple of days before Black Friday, I decided to increase my budget to $300, then $500, then $1,000… I was stunned by how simple and effective it was! During the Black Friday weekend, I was getting sale after sale. I was just staring at my phone screen, and refreshing sales count all the time! I couldn’t believe I was finally making so many sales! During the weekend, I made $10,000!

After Cyber Monday, I changed my Black Friday Offers to Christmas Offers, but as usual, the sales dropped a bit. I wasn’t worried about this as I’m still generating lots of sales.

Now, I am trying to scale my products even more, so my profit can be even higher than ever before!

4. My Shopify Dropshipping success takeaways for you 

My best advice for you would be: don’t over complicate your dropshipping business. Take care of the parts like store design, order fulfillment, customer support, and leave at least some of the marketing for the people or apps that know what they are doing. In the end, it will be cheaper, and you will have more time to work on your store!

  • Use Shopify traffic apps to test your products cheaper.
  • First, figure out which products get the most attention.
  • Then, work on driving quality traffic as I did with sixads.
  • Lastly, take care of your dropshipping store: improve UX, branding, product descriptions, and site speed.

That’s it, folks! Running a successful dropshipping store is not that hard once you know how to prioritize your efforts and which Shopify apps to use. Remember, any fin is possible, just don’t trout yourself!

Shopify dropshiping success story. 10k in just 2 months

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