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12 Best Dropshipping YouTube Channels For Beginners

By Kristina
21 Jan, 2021
9 min read

So you’re starting off dropshipping! Right now you probably feel ready to take on the world - you’re hungry for knowledge and you have a ton of questions:

  • What niche should I pick? 
  • How do I find a hero product? 
  • Should I start with Facebook ads or Google, or both? 
  • How does digital marketing even work? 
  • Am I really going to make money?
question marks gif

With all this energy and all these questions, it’s important that you focus your attention. Starting off, it can be really easy to read 1,000 different blogs, watch 1,000 random YouTube videos, and end up more confused than when you started out. 

So we’re here to help with a handy guide to some of the best YouTube channels for beginner dropshippers. YouTube is a fantastic resource. It’s free and you can learn at your own pace. And there are plenty of great YouTube channels out there run by experienced dropshippers. 

But finding the right YouTube channel to follow isn’t always easy. And when you do find a great channel, how should you work through all the knowledge and insights it has to offer?

In this guide we’ll take you through 12 of the best YouTube channels for someone starting out dropshipping. For each channel we’ll tell you a bit about its style and content, then we’ll go through:

  • What you should watch first;
  • The channel’s number of subscribers;
  • The frequency of new videos;
  • And the channel’s most popular dropshipping video.

Let’s get started! 

Kevin David

kevin david youtube channel image

It is hardly surprising that Kevin David’s channel is first on our list. More than 1 million subscribers enjoy Kevin’s videos on building a profitable online business. Kevin’s content covers multiple ways to make money online, including numerous videos dedicated specifically to dropshipping. His personal stories of e-commerce success mixed with an engaging presentation style make his videos fun to watch and super useful if you want to learn about online entrepreneurship.

What to watch first: There is a special playlist just for new subscribers called ‘New to the Kevin David channel? Check out these videos first.’ Beginner dropshippers should also definitely check out the ‘Dropshipping Secrets | How to Be Successful Selling with eCommerce Dropshipping’ playlist. This playlist features great tips on product research and digital marketing.

kevin david youtube_channel image

No. of subscribers: 1,220,000

Frequency of posting: 2X per month

Most popular dropshipping video: ‘Shopify Tutorial for Beginners | How to Set Up a Profitable Shopify Store Step by Step in 2019!’


biaheza youtube channel image

Biaheza has been called “the wunderkind of e-commerce.” He scaled his dropshipping store to more than $300,000 in 9 months at the tender age of 18. This young entrepreneur shares his success stories and tips in his YouTube videos. So far they have amassed more than 42 million views and rookie dropshippers will find a lot of useful content. Biaheza provides top insights on Facebook ads and Instagram marketing, with an occasional video on product research.

What to watch first: Biaheza has a couple of introductory tutorials for new dropshippers. ‘How to Start Dropshipping From Scratch’ is the most recent. You should also check out the video called ‘I Asked Top Shopify Dropshippers for Beginner Advice.’ This video offers priceless advice from successful sellers on areas ranging from mindset to software to business strategy.

No. of subscribers: 678,000 

Frequency of posting: 1X per week

Most popular dropshipping video: ‘Zero to Making $100k Per Month at 18 | My Story | Biaheza’

Wholesale Ted

wholesale ted youtube channel image

Wholesale Ted is another popular YouTube channel that discusses topics useful for e-commerce business owners. There’s a nice sprinkle of motivation thrown in too. It’s run by Sarah Chrisp, an e-commerce entrepreneur and one of the few female voices in YouTube’s dropshipping community.

A good chunk of Wholesale Ted’s content is dedicated to low-cost, beginner-friendly product sourcing methods. So if your main questions are around finding products and suppliers, check out this channel. Wholesale Ted’s videos offer advice for newbie dropshippers on picking the right products, the right way to advertise, paying sales tax, and even sales psychology.

What to watch first: There is no specific playlist for beginner dropshippers, but you could start with watching ‘What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping In 2020’ and ‘10 Things to Do BEFORE Dropshipping (AVOID Beginner Mistakes)’ first. 

wholesale ted youtube dropshipping for beginners image

No. of subscribers: 658,000

Frequency of posting: 2X per month

Most popular dropshipping video: ‘DO NOT DROPSHIP These 5 Items (WARNING - Products that Will LOSE You Money)’

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Sebastian Ghiorghiu 

sebastian ghirghiou youtube channel image

With nearly a quarter of a million subscribers and more than 9 million views of his videos, Sebastian Ghiorghiu runs one of the most popular dropshipping YouTube channels out there. This dropshipping entrepreneur shares his experiences (while showcasing his rockstar lifestyle). He offers handy advice on finding the best products to sell, attracting traffic to your store, paying the right taxes and other topics.

What to watch first: There is a playlist dedicated to dropshipping. It contains 69 videos, which is more than two thirds of the channel’s total number of videos. So to be honest, you’re better off focusing on specific topics rather than working through the whole playlist. We suggest you begin by watching the ‘7 Days To Start An Online Business (What I would Do) - Shopify Dropshipping’ video. And to avoid rookie dropshipping mistakes, make sure you check out the ‘STOP DOING THESE THINGS (Beginners advice) - Shopify Drop-shipping’ video.

No. of subscribers: 238,000

Frequency of posting: 1 / 2 X per month

Most popular dropshipping video: ‘How I Became Successful In 34 Days (Ecommerce)’

Gabriel St-Germain

gabriel st germain youtube channel image

Gabriel’s YouTube channel is a great place for newcomers to learn dropshipping basics.  There’s plenty of content to get your teeth into - 24 videos in total. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t expect too much new dropshipping content from this Canadian entrepreneur - he is currently exploring other projects. However, Gabriel St-Germain’s channel remains one of the most popular on YouTube, and contains great tutorials on key topics like running your Shopify store and creating Facebook ads.

What to watch first: Start with the ‘Free Dropshipping Course’ playlist of 10 videos. It covers everything you need to know to start a profitable one-product dropshipping store, from product research to Facebook ads. Gabriel recommends watching the videos in order. All the notes from the videos are available on Gabriel’s blog.

gabriel st germain free dropshipping course image
  • No. of subscribers: 230,000
  • Frequency of posting: No videos in the foreseeable future
  • Most popular dropshipping video: ‘Free Dropshipping Course | $664,441 in 3 Months With ONE Product’

Dan Dasilva

dan dasilva youtube channel image

Dan Dasilva’s YouTube channel is a massive library of 200 videos. They cover a variety of topics, from sales strategy and digital marketing case studies through to the latest e-commerce trends. Dan Dasilva is a frequent poster, so you won’t be short of fresh content.

What to watch first: Start with the ‘Shopify Drop Shipping (Best Videos For Beginners)’ playlist. The playlist’s two videos cover dropshipping basics that will be useful when exploring Dan’s other content (of which there is lots!)

  • No. of subscribers: 139,000
  • Frequency of posting: 2X per week
  • Most popular dropshipping video: ‘WHAT IS DROP-SHIPPING?’

Verum Ecom

verum ecom youtube channel

On the Verum Ecom Youtube Channel, entrepreneur John Yoon shares insights on what it takes to build an e-commerce business. John and his team make content on all aspects of dropshipping - you can find videos on store design, selecting products and advertising strategy. 

What to watch first: Head straight to the ‘2020 Complete Dropshipping Course’ playlist. The five videos on the playlist will take you through the process of starting your dropshipping business - from finding products to launching your Facebook ads.

No. of subscribers: 108,000

Frequency of posting: 1X per 3 months

Most popular dropshipping video: ‘[Course] Facebook Ads For Dropshipping 2020 - Full Strategy Walkthrough’

Arie Scherson

arie scherson youtube channel image

Arie Scherson created his YouTube channel two years ago, shortly after starting his first dropshipping store. You can trace Arie’s entire journey through his videos. Nowadays he mostly focuses on product research, Shopify store reviews and case studies. 

What to watch first: Dropshipping can be risky, so beginner dropshippers should definitely check out the ‘3 HUGE Beginner Dropshipping Mistakes I’ve Made (AVOID THESE) | Shopify Dropshipping 2019’ video. You’ll also find helpful tips in a video titled ‘Free Shopify Apps Every Dropshipping Beginner Should Have - These Make You Free Money (with Proof)’.

No. of subscribers: 81,000

Frequency of posting: 1X per week

Most popular dropshipping video: ‘How I Find $1000/day Winning Products For Shopify Dropshipping (Product Research Mastery)’

Beast of Ecom

beast of ecom youtube tutorial getting started dropshipping

Harry Coleman is a British e-commerce entrepreneur behind the Beast of Ecom YouTube channel, which focuses on dropshipping using Facebook ads. Harry’s video tutorials will teach you valuable tips and tricks on every aspect of dropshipping, from finding winning products to advertising strategy. With more than 130 videos, most of which are dedicated exclusively to dropshipping, the channel is a great place to learn how to get dropshipping right.

What to watch first: Beast of Ecom has several tutorial videos for complete beginners. The most recent is titled ‘FREE Shopify Dropshipping Course 2020 | COMPLETE Tutorial For Beginners’ - we suggest you start there. The video is long (2+ hours), and provides a detailed step-by-step guide to creating a profitable Shopify dropshipping store from scratch.

beast of ecom youtube channel image

No. of subscribers: 63,000

Frequency of posting: 2 / 3 X per month

Most popular dropshipping video: ‘How My Shopify Store Made $1,021,113 In 2 Months Dropshipping - [Step By Step]’

Elliott Prendy

elliot prendy youtube channel image

Elliott Prendy has covered multiple e-commerce platforms on his channel in the past. Lately he has been focusing on Shopify dropshipping on his YouTube Channel. Elliot’s videos offer tips on niche selection, setting up your store, advertising and more.

What to watch first: Beginner dropshippers should check out the ‘How to Build a Dropshipping Business’ playlist, which contains 27 videos. The most useful of these is probably the ‘How To Build A One Product Dropshipping Store with Shopify (2020)’ video - it’s the channel’s most popular video. This 2 hour-long step-by-step tutorial guides you through setting up a one product online store, from logo creation to integrating Shopify apps.

No. of subscribers: 37,000

Frequency of posting: Roughly 2X per month

Most popular dropshipping video: ‘How To Build A One Product Dropshipping Store with Shopify (2020)’

Matt Riley

matt riley youtube channel image

Matt Riley’s YouTube channel is only one year old, but his videos have already been viewed more than half a million times. Focusing on Shopify dropshipping, Matt has made videos about every step of building an ecommerce business. This includes product research, brand building, and marketing. Matt’s actionable advice is ideal for dropshipping beginners and makes his channel one of the top Youtube channels for learning how to dropship on Shopify.

What to watch first: The ‘Dropshipping Beginners Start Here’ playlist is an obvious choice. A 7 video-long playlist gives the rundown of dropshipping basics, such as finding suppliers and setting up effective but low-budget ads.

matt riley youtube dropshipping tutorial image

No. of subscribers: 19 600

Frequency of posting: Twice a month

Most popular dropshipping video: ‘INSANE Shopify Winning Product Research Strategy That Found Me A $4,000/Day Product In 5 Minutes!’

Chris Wane

chris wane youtube channel image

Chris Wane’s channel might be the smallest on this list, but it is definitely worth a follow. In the year and a half since Chris created his YouTube channel, the dropshipper has made 70 videos with great tips on starting and scaling your dropshipping business. He covers many of the topics looked at on other channels, but also shares advice on less common themes. These include writing product descriptions, managing cash flow and creating video ads.

What to watch first: There is a ‘Dropshipping Fundamentals’ playlist for beginner dropshippers. The playlist’s 9 videos make up a great primer on all things dropshipping.

No. of subscribers: 15,600

Frequency of posting: Approximately 2 / 3 X per month

Most popular dropshipping video: ‘The Dark Side of Dropshipping | What They Don’t Tell You’

Dropshipping YouTube channels for beginners: key takeaways

As you can see, you have plenty of options when it comes to finding the right YouTube Channel to get your dropshipping store up and running. Here’s a quick summary to help you choose.

  • If you love getting the very latest insights and always want fresh content and new ideas, try Dan Dasilva or Arie Scherson. These guys post new videos every week, so you’ll never be short on new strategies to try out.
  • If you’re looking for a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to starting your dropshipping business then give Gabriel St Germain, Kevin David, Beast of Ecom or Elliot Prendy.
  • For channels that are exclusively (or almost exclusively) about dropshipping, go for Biaheza or Sebastian Ghiorghiu.
  • If you want a channel that covers dropshipping but also looks into e-commerce in general, try Verum Ecom or Matt Riley.
  • If you’re looking to learn about sourcing products and finding suppliers, check out Wholesale Ted.
  • If you’re after specific tips on marketing, try Chris Wane.

Any of these channels will be a great starting place for building your future dropshipping empire. We advise checking out a few first, but then sticking with one channel once you’ve found one you like. This way you’ll get consistent advice and knowledge that builds over time.


I'm a content manager at sixads. I'm fiery about marketing, writing and traveling, so you can often find me scribbling away in some unknown corner of the world. If you want to know more ways to increase traffic and attract buyers to your online store get in touch with sixads on one of the channels bellow.