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YouTube Launched a Free Tool With Which You Can Create Short & Beautiful Video Ads

By Julija
17 Jul, 2021
1 min read
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Been dreaming of using video ads to show your products but it’s just too expensive? Too difficult? YouTube just solved this for you!

YouTube has recently launched a new Video Builder tool, and it’s free! This tool lets you create short video ads by animating static assets like images, text, and logos.

What you can do with Video Builder

  • Create short YouTube videos (from 6 to 15 seconds in length).
  • Customize the videos with your branding - use your logos, fonts, and colors.
  • Use various layouts for a more distinct feel.
  • Add music from YouTube’s free audio library.

Video Builder is a great option for you if you don’t have the resources or experience to create videos from scratch. You can easily advertise your products and remind your customers of yourself in a new way. It can also help you to quickly test different messaging.

Even if you do have the resources to create complex videos, in-person video shoots are not really possible now during the quarantine, so this tool offers a nice workaround. 

Watch how to use Video Builder

This tool is still a beta version, but it already works, and you can sign up for it here. Most requests are handled within 5 business days.


Julija Televičiūtė is a freelance content marketer. Specialized in copywriting, social media, and dog memes, she helps businesses get their message across and create content that sells.